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zip code of india

| General | 01/07/2015

zip code of india
What is Zip Code:
The Meaning Of The Zip is Zone Improvement Plane. The Zip Code Specifies the Specific Location. Using The Zip code we can accurately send Mails.The Zip Code Is Used For the Postal Services For Transferring Any of the Mails and Letters and Any Goods Accurately to The Receivers. Senders Can  Mentions The Receivers Postal or Zip Code  Zip Code is Allocated For the Specific Geographical Areas all the areas have a specific and unique Zip codes Using Zip codes We can Identify the location very easily.
zip code of india:
Zip code of the India have The 6 Digit postal codes and india having the 8 zip regions in the 6 digits of the zip code first 2 digits indicates sub region or one of the postal circles zip code in india and the first 3 indicates the Revenue District in india and the last 3 digits of the zip code indicates delivery or receiving post office code.

First two digits zip code of india are Given Below In the Table Se this Zip codes of first two digits of  Indian postal zip or pin codes.

Zip Code Circle First 2 Digits of Pin
Delhi   11
Haryana  12 and 13
Punjab  14 to 16
Himachal Pradesh   17
Jammu and Kasmir  18 to 19
Uttaar Pradesh  20 to 28
Rajastan  30 to 34
Gujarat  35 to 39
Maharastra  40 to 44
Madhya Pradesh  45 to 49
Andhra Pradesh  50 to 53
Karnataka  56 to 59
Tamil Nadu  60 to 64
Kerala 67 to 69
 West Bengal  70 to 74
Orissa  75 to 77
Assam  78
North Eastern   79
Bihar  80 to 85

Zip Codes Of India Map

zip codes of india