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User Guide

How do I register on AdsGoose.com?

Register one Time Post Ads Life Time For Free and Get Profit From Ads.
Registering on AdsGoose.com  is now a very simple process. It takes only 1 minute to register and post your Ads
Step 1. Click “Register” tab in the header Which is in the Top Right Corner of front page.
Step 2. Please enter the following Details correctly
– User Name:(Check availability for the user Id)
– Enter Valid Email Address
– Password:(Give the Strong password)
Once you submit the above information, you become a registered user of the site and can post Ads, Manage your Ads From your Personalised Dashboard and participate in community discussions.

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How do I post ads into AdsGoose.com?
Posting an ad on AdsGoose.com is very easy and takes not more than 30 seconds. Simply follow the steps below to understand the Post Ad flow better.
Step 1: Click on the “ Post An Ad ” link in the header on all AdsGoose.com pages.
Step 2: Select Category & Sub Category
Choose the right category and sub-category as given below to match the product or service you wish to sell or promote.
For eg. If you are selling a mobile, then you should post your Ad in the category Mobiles&tablets and Sub category Mobile Phones.
Step 3: Enter Title & Description
Enter an appropriate Title for your ad to grab attention and give enough information of your item or service to help a potential buyer know more about your item and help your chances of getting quality responses. You can also give your contact details (If you wish to) for immediate responses.
Step4:Complete Key Features section
Depending on your selected sub-category, complete the key features / attributes section too. Remember, Ad type and Price option are mandatory. Attributes help your Ad give more information to buyers.
Step 5: Upload Pictures of the product
You have the option of uploading up to 5 pictures of your item to make your Ad more attractive. The size of all 5 photos together should not exceed 4MB.
Mentioning your correct location will help people who see your Ad know where you/product/service is located.
Mobile Number:
You also have the option to mention your mobile number. Mentioning mobile number is not mandatory. However by entering a valid mobile number you are eligible to receive SMS alerts for your Ad replies. This helps you respond to buyers faster.
Remember if you get stuck, you could view the UserGuide that will automatically appear at every stage during the registration process.

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What is My Dashboard in AdsGoose.com?
“My Dashboard” is your personal user account or Dashboard where you can
View and manage your Ads.
Mark as Sold your Ads
Pause Your Ads
Modify/ edit/ delete your Ads.
Check replies to your Ads.
Repost your Ads after they expire.
Update your AdsGoose.com profile.
What are the benefits of registering on AdsGoose.com ?

Only one Time Registration and Life Time Ad Posting
Registration allows to you to
– Post Up to 25 Ads a day
– Get your own User ID
– Edit, delete, reposts and check replies to your Ads
– Helps you participate in the community discussions
Is it mandatory to enter the mobile number while posting an Ad?
In Some Categories Entering Mobile Number is Mandatory , In some Categories mentioning your mobile number is not mandatory. However by entering a valid mobile number you are eligible to receive SMS alerts for your Ad replies. These alerts help you respond faster to potential buyers.
How much does it cost to post an Ad on  AdsGoose.com?

 AdsGoose.com is a free service and does not charge you any fee to post Ads. Go ahead and enjoy it. All Ads are subject to meeting the Terms of Use and Prohibited Items Policy.
How can I post a Good Ad on  AdsGoose.com and get better responses?
To increase the chance of getting a good response, follow these simple tips
Title – A good title will attract more visitors to your Ad Mention important keywords in title.
Description –The Description Will explains about your Product in details then the buyer will easily
Attract and then Contact you Always good Description will give you get more
To get people interested, follow these simple tips
– Make the description as detailed as possible.
– Make it easy for buyers to pick up the item by mentioning the location of the item and when you would be available
– Add contact information
– Use Text Editor features such as Bold, Color, Bullets etc. to make the Ad description more attractive.
Upload Images – Include upto 5 pictures to enhance your Ad. The size of all 5 photos together should not exceed 4MB.
Use these tips and other innovative ideas to make your Ad more attractive and increase your chances of getting replies. In addition you can also subscribe to AdsGoose.com “PremiumAd”.
How long do Ads stay after being posted on AdsGoose.com?
Ads stay live on the site for 90 days after which they expire automatically and are not displayed as a part of the live ads on site. You will get Ad Expiry reminders before 5 days and before 24 hours of Ad expiry date. You can extend your Ad duration by reposting your ads after its expiry, from your “My AdsGoose” account. You can even delete your Ad by logging into “My AdsGoose”.
How do I repost / reactivate / extend my Ads on AdsGoose.com?

All Ads are live for 90 days on the AdsGoose.com site  post which you will get a reminder expiry mail to repost the Ad. The user can repost his expired Ads from either the repost link in the mail or from “Expired Ads Management” link Under “Manage My Ads” tab in My AdsGoose.com account.
You can post up to 25 different Ads daily. Any duplicate ads or the same ad posted more than once will be deleted.
Why am I unable to post Ads on the AdsGoose.com?
User’s who violate AdsGoose.com Terms of Use and Listing Polices, will not be able to post Ads. However, incase you are unable to post an ad for any other reason, please contact us at [email protected] AdsGoose.com and we will get back to you at the earliest.
How do I know if someone is interested or has replied to my Ad?
– Those interested in your Ad can use the option of “Reply to Contact Poster” on the View Ad page. Fill in the required details like email, name, and message with their contact details and you would receive an email. After you receive the email message, you can choose to respond and give additional information like phone number.
– Users also have the option to contact you on phone .You can give your contact details only if you wish to do so in the ad description area of the post ad flow. If you put your phone number, the interested parties can directly contact you.
How do I participate on the AdsGoose.com Discussion Forums?
Discussion Forums on AdsGoose.com are meant to be a public platform for the local community to share their experiences, give their opinion and help people on a range of topics that are relevant and helpful to the local community of the city. It’s free
To participate in the AdsGoose.com Discussion Forum
– You need to register on AdsGoose.com
– Select the forum you wish to participate in
– Post your commnets
– Please do not use the Discussion Forum to Post Ads or Promote anything.
Search and Browse

How do I find an Ad for a specific item or service on AdsGoose.com?
1. Keyword Search
To find an Ad for a specific item or service on AdsGoose.com, you need to enter the relevant / exact keyword and the search feature on the site will display results matching your search terms.
Users can enter keywords in the Keyword search text box as shown below. Incase you want to search your Ad posted on the site; enter the Ad ID in the search box. You can get the Ad ID by viewing you Ad in ‘My AdsGoose.com section.
2. Search by Category/Sub category
You can even search for items within a specific category. All you need to do is select the relevant category that matches your search term from the drop down option besides the search box.
We have also introduced an auto complete feature to facilitate easy search.
3. No Capital Letter Distinguishing
If you put in keyword as “like” or “LIKE”, searching result would be the same.
4. Make use of Space
If you have more than one keyword, there is no need to include “and” between keywords, just use space.
How do I reply to an Ad on AdsGoose.com?
You can contact posters by replying to their Ads. Fill in the required details like email, name, and message with your contact details (if you want them to contact you) to the advertiser and click on “Submit” button. Your reply will be sent to the poster by email.
How do I forward my ad to a Friend? / What is Sharing is Caring!?
With the new upgraded feature on AdsGoose.com you can now forward the ad you are viewing (could be your ad too) to a friend, by clicking on the ‘Sharing is Caring’ .
It offers you to
1) Send an Ad through your email, available on Yahoo, Google or MSN
2) Access social networking sites and Share your ads in Social Networking Sites to Get Quick Response.
3) One can also access live messenger here.

How do I change my password?
To change your password, please follow the steps below:
1. Sign in with your username and password and click on ” My Dashboard”.
2. Click on “Manage My Account”.
3. Then click on “Change My Password” and reset your password.
“AdsGoose.com” offers registered user’s with simple and convenient tools to manage their own account. Once you log in to “AdsGoose.com”, you can manage Ads, view replies received to your Ad and edit your own profile.
How do I edit / update Ads that I have posted?
To edit your Ads, you must sign in with your username and password. Then, click on “My Dashboard” to enter your account. Now, select your Ad and click the “Edit” button to edit your Ad. Then you may edit the Ad in edit text box.
In your “AdsGoose.com” account, “Manage My Ads” displays “Expired Ad Management” section, which contains 2 sub sections
Set Expired by User – Ads which have expired in 90 days and not been reposted
Set Expired by Admin – Ads that are set to expire by admin
In your “AdsGoose.com” account, “Manage My Ads” displays “Deleted Ad Management” section, which contains 2 sub sections
User Deleted Ads – Ads deleted by the user himself
Admin Deleted Ads – Ads deleted by the admin because those Ads have violated the AdsGoose.com ‘s Listing Polices
You will be informed by email when your Ad is deleted by the Admin. If you require any clarification about the deletion of your Ad, don’t hesitate to contact the Admin at
In your “My AdsGoose.com” account, the “Manage Ad Replies” displays 2 sections
Replies to My Ads – Check the replies you have received for your ad
My Replies to Ads – Check the replies your have made to Ads of other advertisers
How do I update my AdsGoose.com profile?
As a registered user, you can edit your profile in your AdsGoose.com account through the “Update My Profile” section. Please click the “Save” button after making the changes to store your new details.
How do I delete the Ad I have posted on AdsGoose.com?

To delete your Ad, you need to sign in with your username and password. Then log on to your “AdsGoose.com” account. In the Active Ads management section, click on the “Delete” link placed next to the Ad you wish to delete.

Still If You Have Any Doubts Then Please Contact Us


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